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Canadian Rockies, Pacific Northwest, National Parks, Alaska, Pacific Coast Highway, the options are unlimited. Let Rocky Mountain Moto Adventures know what your dream trip would be and let us  can make it happen.

Owner and guide ​Johann (Jo) Breckman has over 35 years riding experience and has spent the last 12 years travelling and touring Canada and the US. After leading several informal tours, Johann is expanding his horizons and is inviting you to join him.

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Why Rocky Mountain Moto Adventures

There’s nothing quite like travelling on two wheels. With your boots buckled up, your helmet on tight, your route planned for you, the sun shining , all you have to do is fire up your bike and let the adventure begin. And that’s just what you’re going to do here at Rocky Mountain Moto Adventures. Not only do we offer motorcycle tours for different adventure levels, but we also have well-traveled tour guides that will lead the way! At Rocky Mountain Moto Adventures guided motorcycle tours, you'll find great tour packages that even an experienced adventurer would swoon over. Plus, we work hard to ensure you will have the motorcycle trip with the best roads, scenery and bikes during our tours.


So schedule your tour with Rocky Mountain Moto Adventures today and get ready to get on your bike, drop it in gear and let the adventure begin!